Open Question: Should I join the US military?

The idea actually sounds kind of appealing. I'm 16 (but turn 17 in two days) so I have some college/career/life descisions to make in the next few years. But I'm not sure. I'm thinking either marines or air force.
I plan on becoming a medical doctor, because I have a deep interest in health/medicine. Or some sort of linguist/translator because I have a small knack for languages (becoming pretty efficient in Japanese from lots of studying and practice) and really really want to learn Farsi and other middle eastern languages. But I've also considered things like the CIA for similar reasons.

Also, I know in this day and age women's role in American society has come very far, but just wondering whether there are as many opportunities for women as there are for men in military, and if they're discriminated against at all?

But I've also dreamed of moving to Australia for years, lol, so that could put the whole military thing out the window for me.

What do you think? Thanks.
Military isn't here primarly to go around causing wars. Granted were in one now, but the nation would be completely defensless without a military. I don't think there's a country on the earth that doesn't have one.
And I'm sure many in the military are pro peace. It's just unlikely that everybody will disban their armies and defenses for the sake of being friendly.

And there's absolutely nothing shameful about being a doctor in the military. It's still saving lives, and if you put a greater value on the lives of citizens than of military, then peaceful person or not, you don't sound very fair.