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Just got an email link to a conversational language learning resource center and community and wanted to share it here.

From the site:

Phrasebase Language Learning Resources

Your Conversational Language Learning Resource Center and Community

Online Phrasebook - Internet's largest database of common, useful, everyday words and phrases translated into over 90 foreign languages.

Language Exchange Partners - Community of language enthusiasts around the world interested in sharing their language and culture.

Live Webcam Classrooms - Meet language exchange partners and language tutors in this live webcam based audio video classroom.

Country Information - Detailed facts, statistics and information about the political and geographical makeup of every country in the world.

Language Information - Detailed facts, statistics and information about every human spoken foreign language in the world.


This is a nice resource for basic survival phrases for many languages.

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Just found a great website with resources for learning English as a Second Language.

From the site:

UsingEnglish.com is a general English language site, specialising in ESL (English as a Second Language) with a wide range of resources for learners and teachers of English, and has been running since the beginning of 2002. Different varieties of English are used; there are contributors from the United States, Canada, Pakistan and non-native speakers, but much of the site uses British English as it was set up in the UK.

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I just searched for English Language in the Language and Languages section of the New York Times and came up with a list of some interesting articles.

So I thought I would share it here.

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I just ran across this interesting blog which has French and English translations of the entries.

From the site:

Reflections on words, expressions and the difficulties encountered on the bridge from the English to the French language.

Stripping a text bare to reveal its mechanisms, its internal logic and its meaning to then transfer it into another language as faithfully as possible while using appropriate terminology and style.

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Acabo de encontrar um bom site para nativofalantes do português que querem aprender o inglês.

Do Site:

Bem vindo (a) ao English Experts – o blog que tem como meta ajudar estudantes de Inglês com dicas diárias. English made by learners for learners!

Meu nome é Alessandro Brandão, eu trabalho na área de Informática e tenho como hobby estudar Inglês. Muitos leitores do blog me perguntam há quanto tempo eu estudo esse idioma, essa é uma pergunta muito difícil, depende do ponto de vista. Eu poderia responder que eu nunca estudei inglês, pelo menos da maneira formal (em escola de idiomas). Por outro lado a resposta poderia ser: desde criança eu estudo Inglês. Na verdade eu estudei 1 mês em uma escola de idiomas, mas acabei desistindo por não ter me adaptado à metodologia. Adianto que não sou professor de Inglês, minha área é Informática e Administração. Sou um estudante da mesma forma que você, caro visitante!

Esse blog surgiu em outubro de 2006. No início a minha intenção era manter um repositório on-line com os links dos sites interessantes sobre Inglês, cursos gratuitos na Internet e escrever alguma coisa para treinar um pouco o Inglês escrito (written English). Porém o número de visitantes aumentou rapidamente e eu me dei conta de que eu não poderia mais escrever qualquer coisa. Como disse a minha amiga Nilza (hoje colaboradora do blog): “O que era hobby acabou ficando sério”. Isso aconteceu principalmente depois que o Ulisses indicou o English Experts no blog Tecla SAP. E foi assim que tudo começou!

Visite o site.

Received an article via email:

YouTube to Be Available in 7 Additional Languages

From the article:

The new sites — in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Polish and Dutch — will feature local language home pages, videos, rankings, searches and comments, as well as partners like Rai, the Italian broadcaster, the French magazine Glamour, V2 Music in the Netherlands and Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer team.

Local sites also started on Tuesday in English for Britain and Ireland, with partners like the BBC. Other countries, including Germany, are to follow. “This is just the beginning,” Mr. Chen said.

YouTube, which Google bought last year, already has a global audience, with more than half of its viewers outside of the United States, Mr. Chen said.

Free Language Courses LogoWow... this is a nice site with great downloads for free language courses for multiple languages.

From the site:

"This site offers free language learning products. Most of the material is either public domain or under a Creative Commons- or similar license (see relevant article or product archive for details)."

Visit freelanguagecourses.com

Here is a quick tip:

Check out the tag cloud for all content for a given language and click on the language (or sub-variety, i.e. swiss german) you are interested in.

I just ran across Hello World, a great site for children learning French, Spanish, English, Indonesian, German and Russian.

They have lots of interactive stuff, and clickable audio for alphabets in all those languages. Plus more, of course.

Check out Hello World.

Learning Thai

From the site:

# VDict (Vietnamese Dictionary) is the best and totally free Vietnamese-English-French Online Dictionary
# You can perform lookup for a word in all dictionaries simultaneously. VDict currently supports 8 dictionaries:

* Vietnamese-English dictionary
* English-Vietnamese dictionary
* Vietnamese-French dictionary
* French-Vietnamese dictionary
* Vietnamese dictionary (Vietnamese to Vietnamese)
* English-English dictionary (Wordnet)
* Free Online Dictionary Of Computing (FOLDOC)
* Chinese Vietnamese dictionary

Visit Vdict Online Vietnamese Dicionary

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