Überraschungstüte with Lindsay: Running Conferences, Doing Masters Degrees, Learning What a "Blaue Reise" is

<p>Lindsay&#39;s back on the show and we&#39;re closing off the first season of 2021!</p>

<li>Kerstin has more new German words to read out to Lindsay and they&#39;re all corona-related</li>
<li>We review this year&#39;s Women in Language conference and answer a few questions about how to organise an event with 599 participants</li>
<li>We discuss Lindsay&#39;s studies for her MA in Applied Linguistics, and why distance learning is her jam</li>

<p>This show&#39;s a lovely mixed back of lots of fun topics, so kick back and enjoy with us. The Fluent Show will now be on a break until mid-April, when I&#39;m excited to start the next season theme: teaching!</p>

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