100: Language Learners Around the World Reveal Their Best Tips!

<p>This is episode 100 of the podcast! In this episode we hear from
you - the listeners.</p>
<h2>In this episode:</h2>
<p>I asked you to tell me the single biggest lesson about
language learning you've learnt from listening to 100 episodes of
the podcast. I was struck by the diversity of people around the
world who got in touch - everyone learning different languages, in
different countries. It was truly inspiring, and it reminded me how
we are all striving to improve our lives by learning languages, and
are making the world a better place in the process. I hope you
enjoy this special episode! Please leave me a comment below with
your favourite message of all! Also, please take a second to share
this podcast episode on Facebook, Twitter, or with a friend who's
learning a language. They'll draw motivation from all the others
around the world learning languages, and find a new lease of life
in their own learning!</p>
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