Fluent Festivities! How to Learn a Language at Christmas (Even If You Don't Celebrate Christmas)

<p>Grab a Brandy and a Mince Pie! This is the festive Fluent Show. Is your mind wrapped up in gift wrapping and hosting this week instead of flashcards and language partners? </p>

<p>Don&#39;t worry, because in this show I have put together some quick tips for staying in touch with your target language during the festive season.</p>

<p><a href="https://www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/blog/language-learning-christmas" rel="nofollow">Click or tap here to read my Christmas learning tips on the blog</a></p>

<p><em>Feliĉan Zamenhofan Tagon</em> to all my Esperantist listeners! <em>Thank you to Petra for this episode introduction in Bulgarian.</em></p>

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<p>Thank you for listening to the Fluent Show! </p>

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