How to Play With a Language You Love (with María Ortega Garcia)

<p>“If we can produce proficient, correct language, it seems all is great no matter how we feel about it.”</p>

<p>My guest for this week’s podcast is María Ortega Garcia, who you will get to know well during the course of our interview. <br>
María is a rebel. She encourages you not to break the rules, but to look beyond the rules.</p>

<p>Here are some questions we discussed:</p>

<li>How could you play with a language you love?</li>
<li>Who owns the rules of a language?</li>
<li>Can we see beyond the need to be correct, to achieve a higher level of connection and an authentic self-expression?</li>
<li>Does being so touchy-feely mean we&#39;ll miss all our goals?</li>

<p>This was a fascinating conversation about permission, ownership, and what we think we’re all allowed to do in another language. It helped me understand my role as language coach and language teacher in a whole new way.</p>

<p>“It doesn’t need to have any specific goal or purpose. It’s just pleasure and self-expression.”</p>

<p>“For me, a foreign language has to come along with my own personality and background. I can’t be following someone else’s rules.”</p>

<h3>Workshop: Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Performance</h3>

<p>I want to let you know as early as possible that María and I are actually taking this one step further. We have been working on a joint language workshop inviting you to explore how creative writing and performance find your voice and courage to speak and elevate your communication skills. </p>

<p>If you struggle to express your true self in another language, and wish you could find the right words for how you feel, this new workshop is just perfect for you.</p>

<p>You can catch this workshop at Langfest in Montréal (<a href="" rel="nofollow">tickets available now</a>, 15% off using code KERSTIN).</p>

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