Learn a Language with Online Language Exchange

<p>In this episode, you&#39;ll learn about language exchange and how you can use it to become fluent in a new language.</p>

<p>My guest is Brian Heavey, international events organiser and director at Online Language Exchange &amp; Real Events Ireland. </p>

<p>Brian has been running language exchange events for 10 years now, with thousands of participants learning languages together. In April 2020, he pivoted his business to create Online Language Exchange providing online exchanges during lockdown.</p>

<p>Brian speaks Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of Irish, and is raising a multilingual family in Dublin.</p>

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<p><em>Thank you to <a href="http://www.onlinelanguageexchange.com" rel="nofollow">Brian</a> for this episode introduction.</em></p>

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