Living the Dream! Get Paid to Learn Languages (with Paul Kaye, EU Language Officer)

<p>Learning a language gives you a huge career advantage over others who don&#39;t have a language. One example is working for the EU, one of the world&#39;s largest international organisations.</p>

<p>But could the EU be for you?</p>

<p>My guest for today’s episode is Paul Kaye, language officer of the European Commission&#39;s representation in London.</p>

<p><strong>Get Paid For Your Languages</strong></p>

<p>Paul is the European Commission&#39;s language officer in the UK, so he was my top person to ask about the secrets of working there. Listen in and learn how Paul became a translator, and his answers to these questions:</p>

<li>How can we make languages SEXY as a career choice?</li>
<li>What kind of <strong>personality type</strong> do most translators have? (and why Kerstin is NOT an ideal candidate)</li>
<li><strong>Do you have to be bilingual</strong> to work as a translator in the EU?</li>
<li>How do you <strong>get a job</strong> as an EU translator?</li>
<li>What does the EU do to contribute to <strong>language diversity?</strong></li>

<p>Plus, halfway through the episode Paul went ahead and surprised me with a <strong>quiz about the EU&#39;s official languages</strong>, which is just THE BEST.</p>

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