QUIZ! 20 European Languages In 1 Hour For European Day Of Languages

<h2>It&#39;s the European Day of Languages! Yay!</h2>

<p>Here on the show, we love to celebrate this day. 3 years ago, Lindsay and I got together to bring you a <a href="https://www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/blog/european-day-languages-quiz" rel="nofollow">HUGE quiz</a>, we’ve made videos, we’ve spoken lots of European languages. We even have a European Day of Languages playlist on Spotify! </p>

<p>And today, this special episode will bring you a quiz with a twist and you can play along.</p>

<h2>How To Play</h2>

<li>Before recording this show, Lindsay and I enrolled an assistant, Josiah who selected a list of 10 European languages for each of us</li>
<li>We went away and researched those languages and also found out what they sound like</li>
<li>So Lindsay has 10 and I have 10 and we don’t know each others’ lists</li>
<li>We’ll now play these languages to each other and to you listeners…and try to guess what they are!</li>

<p>Europe doesn’t just have the obvious languages, so this might get tricky but we’re ready to give it a good go!</p>

<h2>Get Language Facts And Resources</h2>

<p>These show notes do NOT include the links for all the different languages mentioned on the show, because that would be spoiling the quiz for you. </p>

<p>If you&#39;d like to get a copy of the notes, simply <a href="https://fluentlanguage.activehosted.com/f/9" rel="nofollow">click here to join the Fluent Language Newsletter.</a> Once you join, I&#39;ll send you a password with access to my special membership area on the website where you can download the full show notes document.</p>

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