Teaching Qualifications - yay or nay? with Aubrey Carter

<p>Today&#39;s guest is Aubrey Carter, experienced ESL teacher, holder of an MA TESOL and a 3 Keys IELTS Certification.</p>

<p>Aubrey&#39;s been a professional ESL teacher for 20 years and has taught in classrooms in New York and Montréal before taking up online teaching as part of the team at All Ears English.</p>

<p>In our podcast conversation, you&#39;ll hear more about</p>

<li>how Aubrey became an English teacher through the <strong>New York City Teaching Fellows</strong> programme</li>
<li>why <strong>online teaching the English language is so different</strong> from other types of teaching</li>
<li>whether you need to make sure you <strong>have qualifications for online teaching</strong> or not</li>
<li>why <strong>starting a business</strong> isn&#39;t for everyone</li>
<li>how Aubrey <strong>keeps her 1:1 lessons interesting</strong> and fresh every time</li>
<li>how to <strong>create an online course</strong> that stands out above all others.</li>

<p>I was inspired by Aubrey in so many ways and I&#39;m excited for you to meet her today.</p>

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