Top Tools: Winter of 2021

<p>Look, yes, maybe you’re all here for the hottest tips about learning a language super efficiently, but we’re all real people too and so today’s Fluent Show comes with </p>

<li>added love of Riverdale</li>
<li>and a denouncement of optimising ourselves and our language learning to within an inch of our lives.</li>

<p>Anti-efficient? But no! <br>
We are bringing you the beloved TOP TOOLS of winter 2021. Six hot new language learning apps and resources to help you through that pandemic with a smile on your face </p>

<h2>Here are all of our top tool suggestions</h2>

<li>Radio Garden</li>
<li>Down Dog yoga app</li>
<li>BBC Bitesize</li>

<p>Listen in to find out which ones came out on top.</p>

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