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Hey guys i need to learn the rest of the Hukkat Torah Verse, i know half of it and i need to present it next week. I just started learning hebrew this year while learning spanish so its been complicated :\

If anybody has a video of somebody speaking it or a english version written out(i dont know wat this is called but it looks like: Vy'yida-bear ah-dow-ni, el-moshe ve-el ahharone - lay-more. thats the first sentence i think but in english writing) Please send me a link!! :)


I'm 30 and as well as learning Hebrew in the near future i also fancy having a pop at learning German.

So what i wanna ask is this. How easy is it to learn another language when you're old like me?

I'm learning Hebrew and I noticed that sometimes the vav for 'and' is pronounced v', but other times it's pronounced oo. For example, esrim ooshtayim instead of esrim v'shtayim for twenty two. I was wondering if there was some rule to this.

I want my little brother to learn hebrew. Does anyone know any good shows that he could watch in hebrew?

Hi i am Shayne Smith a 22 year old American moving to Israel to be married to the girl of my dreams and then do my part for Israel and join the IDF. But i need help i want to arrive with time to spend with my fiance before we get married so i can meet her family, learn hebrew fluently, and generally assimilate into Israeli culture and find a place for me and my wife to live in Tel Aviv. If you are kind enough to let me stay with you i would be very helpful polite and respectful. I will have some money saved so i will be able to at least feed myself when i first arrive in country and i am willing to sleep even on the floor if that is all you have i desperately need help so that i can leave and be with my fiance thank you very much. Even if you have no where for me to stay i would love more friends in Israel so contact me please.

I want to learn a new different language this summer. I already speak Arabic so would it be easy for me to learn Hebrew? I need some good sites for that. Cuz I am planning to start learning it online.


I am a born again Christian who loves Yeshua, and I do not speak Hebrew and I heard that you write backwards with this, that sounds difficult to learn. also where in Israel could I learn to do Jewish dances like in synagogues? looks like heaps of fun. I have a cd at home called the road to Jerusalem, although I listen more to other Worship songs and Mighty to save by Hillsong is one of my favorites. so does anyone on here know how to do Jewish dances? is it just as hard to learn as learning Hebrew? also how much time do you spend with God each day? It is hard sometimes as this world takes our focus off God sometimes. anyway I would also like to ask what is your favorite Worship song to God? Have any of you guys heard of "He raised me up"? by westlife it is. google it. That song reminds me of Yeshua. Great song. so do you guys Jewish, muslims or whoever on here listen to Worship Music? Google in Mighty to save by Hillsong it is a awsome song. oh one more question why do Jewish men wear hats on their heads like tall hats? thanks
Thanks Noal and share Jesus too Amen. wow Hebrew is hard to learn alright wow. if you have trouble after 3 years still well I do not know if I an capable of learning it. wow. I was talking about some Jewish males wearing suits and hats not the things on the back of their heads. Yes Israel is lovely a land flowing with milk and honey. I hope to join maybe if the Lord permits one of the churches over there. they might be able to show me around. God bless you sister, and remember Yeshua loves you very much.
David Amen brother you preach it. I have asked Jewish people here in Australia is it hard to feel the presence of God when you go to a synagauge and they say yes. They do not feel the presence of God. I tell them that is becasue they have not accepted Jesus yet as their Messiah. You go to a fully anointed Holy Ghost church who preches Jesus resserected and who is on fire for God and then to to a synaguge it is so different and you totally come from a different place of Worship and feeling God's love and to into a place where God is not there it is a different feeling brother. I would rather be somewhere I can fall under the annionting of the Holy Spirit that is the Spirit of God through Yehsua and feel His love and rejoyce with others then to go to a place where it feels dead. brother Jesus loves you very much and never forget that. It is Yeshua who appears to them if He wishes and He has does so with so many Jewish people over the years as well as many muslims and they have given
as appeard to in dreams and visions. Brother this is how I came to believe in Yeshua and fall in love with Him is through dreams and visions and God pouring out His Precious Holy Spirit upon me. You have to be patient with the Jews and muslims and just plant seeds and pray for them and with them. Jesus said brother where there is two or three gathered in My name there I am in the mist of them. He sure is. this is when Miracles start happening, blind eyes open (spirtually and physically) and them being set free. though they may be persecuted for their faith Jesus did say that will happen. Oh brother Jesus is so the best and I am please to say that He is such a Honey and nobody can take that away from me. God bless you David you have a lot of knowladge, yes there is a lot of Jewish coming to Jesus everyday and you were one of them. oh man Hallelujah. Hey do you like Hillsong? I have it on now.
David brother God's Word does say "In the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, and your old men will dream dreams and your old men will see visions and your sons and your daughters will prophecy" Amen, and a Huge Hallelujah.
thank you Noal. I found out from Melbourne to Israel to fly I might have to change over at Hong Kong and all up it is a 21 hour flight wow. I would be so tired when I get there.

i wanna learn hebrew in general, reading, writing and conversation

I am 15, i speak english and spanish perfectly. I've also been learning Hebrew for a while, not at a conversational level but i can read, write and understand....
anyway, ive been wanting to learn finnish or swedish or norwegian or danish. I know swedish, danish and norwegian are much alike.

How hard are these compared to spanish or hebrew?
How long would it take me to learn any of these languages?

I am 15, i speak english and spanish perfectly. I've also been learning Hebrew for a while, not at a conversational level but i can read, write and understand....
anyway, ive been wanting to learn finnish or swedish or norwegian or danish. I know swedish, danish and norwegian are much alike.

How hard are these compared to spanish or hebrew?
How long would it take me to learn any of these languages?

I am 15 i am half jewish but want to learn how to speak and read it i am having alot of trying to find someting online that i can use but i dont want to have to pay for classes what is an easy way to learn?

My mom converted from Catholicism to Judaism before I was born. However, I thought the soul given of a convert to Judaism is inferior to that of a born-Jew (from heaven, albeit inferior)? Would that make her child have the inferior soul?

Another thing, the conversion was done in a reform (not progressive) synagogue--with a more conservative Rabbi--however, I heard that a reform conversion is not the same as a conservative/orthodox one so I don't know if the same rules apply or it is even valid.

To add to that, if the conversion is done against the individuals wishes/heart (she has "converted herself" back to Catholicism presently, years after) does that void the contract between Hashem and the prospective convert?

Here's the catch, my maternal great great grand parents were both Jewish by birth (their parents were not converts etc). They had two daughters which they raised Catholic. One married a Catholic man while the other married a Jewish (not convert) man, still being careful to raise the children Catholic. My grandmother descends from the latter, although marrying a Catholic man and repeating the same aforementioned process (Tbh, a lot of Catholics were Jewish converts). My father is full line no converts, so I'm not worried about that.

What I need to know, is if I really have a Jewish soul. This is something that will affect everything esp. my marriage and how I live (what laws I live by). I have felt it before (anyone that has it knows the feeling), although I feel I have disgraced God in one way or another and He has severed his ties with me for now. I never got my Bar-Mitzvah, never learned Hebrew; I feel obligated to do so and learn as much I can about Judaism. So how will I know? I know I can't tell today, maybe in time. Any insight from a Jewish soul will not go forgotten.
Nadine and Michelle I thank you wholeheartedly for your responses. On a personal note Michelle, I think you understand almost completely, if not completely, exactly what I was trying to say. God bless you.

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