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Latest Language Learning Resources

Lithuanian Language Course: Learn Anytime Online, Mobile

Online Lithuanian Course

For many languages such as Lithuanian, it is challenging to find enough free quality materials online to compromise a complete course. Even if you can bring together the materials, you have to craft a course on your own to cover all the bases.

Learn Lithuanian Online for Free (+ App)

Learn Lithuanian with 'Mems' that Create Vivid, Sensory Memories

Memrise Lithuanian is a fun, community-oriented (i.e. 'social') and - gasp! - scientific way to learn Lithuanian online.

The idea behind the interface...

Articles on How to Learn Languages: Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Language Learning Hack: Create a Personal Phrasebook

Whose most common phrases?!

The most common phrases in a language are relative to the person speaking.

You have a personal lexicon, a unique collection of words and phrases accumulated over your lifetime. Use your individual language palette to blend a custom phrasebook, a hack...

Verbs Make Things Happen

Verbs make things happen.

Verbs explain what is happening around us. They also express states of being.

The kitesurfer depicted here elegantly brings to mind a cacophony of verbs that illustrate a smooth set of actions and express a complete trick.

The chassis of a...

Latest Two Free Language Blog Entries

Safi Mafundikwa: Ancient African Alphabets

Ancient African Alphabets and Graphic Design

Safi Mafundikwa gave a TED Talk in February of 2013 about the longstanding tradition of African alphabets.

It is often thought that the African continent did not produce significant forms of writing, but this is far from the truth....

30 Interesting English Language Facts

Fodder for Cocktail Conversation and Uncomfortable Silences

The three infographics below just might illuminate you in ways that may or may not be useful, but are certainly interesting and often comical.

At the very least, they will fuel you with fodder for those inevitable...

Latest Language Overviews


English-Speaking World

English is the most popular language in the world to learn right now. It is the lingua franca of international business and politics. When combining native and non-native speakers, it is probably the most commonly spoken language in the world with over a...


German-Speaking World

German is one of the most useful languages to know in Europe. The German economy is very strong and, as Germany's influence in the European Union continues to grow, more and more people are learning German. Varieties of German are also the majority in Austria,...

Latest Language Learning Guides

How to Learn Spanish

A Helpful Guide in How to Learn Spanish

Discover videos, apps, audio, courses, lessons and plenty more to help you succeed in learning Spanish.

Get started right now by watching our free Spanish tutorial video below called How to Learn Spanish Online for Free. This will...

Online Chinese

Free and Open Chinese Online

Explore a Free and Open, living and growing database of Chinese educational resources, articles, websites, audio and video.

Discover Chinese websites, learning resources, teaching technology and educational multimedia collected over years of...