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I thought the blog subscribers might be interested in knowing that Free Language is rising considerably in the Chinese search engine Baidu. See the screenshot below to get an idea of how much traffic is coming in from this search engine, which peaks at off hours for because it is on the other side of the world!

CaféBabel European Magazine Beta

I recently wrote on Freestyle Language about how Café's Tower of Babel has articles about linguistic variations amongst 7 languages published in 7 languages!

I am planning to take this further by adding to Free Language the seven news feeds in catalá, Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano and polski. This will provide a new range of news articles for use learning and teaching languages.

As they say here in Grenada, West Indies: soon come!

Collins Language Logo - Download Free Trials of Software and Audio for Windows, Mac, iPod


Collins is one of the longest standing publishers of English and bilingual dictionaries. They are currently working to pioneer ways to publish dictionaries for today's world by rapidly increasing the availability of their products in digital format.

The company has created several high-quality, professional digital products that are offered through their online store. Free samples of these products are available for download through the site.

Two of the digital products they currently offer are very useful for travelers and language learners alike: iPhraseFinders and Collins 40-Minute Lessons.

iPhraseFinders are phrasebooks tailored specifically for the iPod. These are currently available in Windows and Mac format for English to the following languages: French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. You can download free samples from the link above.

Collins 40-Minute Lessons are beginner lessons designed to empower learners with the essential phrases necessary to navigate daily life in a given foreign language. These lessons are available for English speakers interested in learning Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese. Wow! You can download free samples from the link above.

Collins Language Free Trials of iPhraseBooks for iPod

I know from my experience of testing the free downloads that these digital products are indeed professional, high-quality, practical and useful.

The website also offers a free dictionary search feature, with more comprehensive commercial versions available.

From Website

Free English, Cobuild and Foreign Language Dictionary look-ups available. Subscribe to or download a dictionary to your desktop or mobile device. Learn a language fast with iPhrasefinders and audio courses for iPods and mobiles. Free trials available.

Find out about these products and more at

Over the last few days I've added eight articles on podcast resources from the LingQ podcast network. This is a group that currently consists of eight podcast websites that provide a steady (weekly) flow of listening material for each individual language. Accompanying transcriptions are made available through the LingQ [liŋk] store. Some are free, some are not.

LingQ Method Language Podcasts

Pursue the LingQ above or click on the huge image above to learn more about the LingQ Method.

LingQ Podcast Network


It's been a very long time since I've actually published a list of the latest updates to the site. So here goes with a healthy chunk of language-learning goodness...

Foreign Language Translation Extensions/Tools/Plugins/Add-Ons for the Firefox Web Browser One Minute Language Lessons for Polish, Irish, German and Russian Survival Phrases in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Swedish, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese US Foreign Service Institute Mandarin Chinese Free Audio Lessons Downloads US Foreign Service Institute Cantonese Free Audio Lessons Downloads Instructional Videos on Learning Foreign Languages
The Alternative Dictionary: Slang, Profanities, Insults and Vulgarisms from all the World
Learn Chinese on YouTube with Mandarin Videos from ActiveChinese
Learn Mandarin Chinese Videos on YouTube AskBenny Channel
A Article on Most Difficult and Challenging Aspects of Learning Mandarin Chinese US Foreign Service Institute Arabic Free Audio Lessons Downloads
Dickinson College's Mixxer Free Skype Language Exchange Community
Quick Translation Firefox Extension to Translate Single Words in 17+ Languages
United Nations Declares 2008 the International Year of Languages nciku Free Online Mandarin Chinese Handwriting Recognition, Conversations, Radical Dictionary Podcast is a Fun and Easy Way to Learn Indonesian Online OpenLearn LearningSpace Open University with Free Courses in Modern Languages Free Skype VoIP and IM Language Partner Community
Download Free Open University Courses from MIT OpenCourseWare Foreign Languages and Literatures Department Distance Learning Free Online Language Courses My Happy Planet Private Social Language-Learning Community
List of Free Foreign Language Courses Online at Arabic Language-Learning Games and Activities Afrikaans Language-Learning Games and Activities
English Language Learning and Teaching Article on Wikipedia
A Torrent File for 500 Free Mandarin Chinese Audio Podcast Lessons from Japlish Podcast of Funny Phrases in English and Japanese Languages Voices en Español Bilingual Blog Voices en Español Conversational Spanish Podcast Download Free Language Software for Learning 42 Languages! Mango Languages Free Online Language Courses, Audio, Web Software I Speak Hindi Website, Podcasts, Dictionary and Resources Language Maker Website on Auxiliary and Constructed Languages Website
Arabic Language Course for Arabic Learners Familiar with Arabic Script Bitesized Languages Improve Your French, Spanish or Portuguese Skills with Daily Emails Live Mocha Social Language Learning Course and Networking Website Free Global Language Exchange Community French Language-Learning Games and Activities Russian Language-Learning Games and Activities Foreign Languages

A friend told me about VideoJug recently. It's a site where you can see instructional videos on practical and not-so-practical topics. Naturally the first thing I thought was to visit their site and see what free resources there are for language learners.

Currently, most of the videos have to do with learning Spanish. There is also information about memorizing foreign vocabulary and they even have Arthur Bornstein as their Expert on Memory Training.

Check out the VideoJug videos tagged with "foreign languages".

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