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This is a great place to keep up on that latest I've been researching for Mandarin. Whenever I find something, I'll always tag it right away using the Firefox extension for

Most of these will eventually reach Freestyle Language, but it takes longer for them to get there.

Save Tanii Logo

Got an email the other day from the person that runs the Save Tanii Website. Tanii is an endangered minority ethnic language of the Apatani people of the Ziro plateau in the Lower Subsansiri district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Here is an excerpt from the Save Tanii website:

During the last 50 years, tremendous change in culture, custom and tradition has taken place on Ziro plateau. Today the last serious point of modernization is that the young Tanii (Apatani) generation is not anymore able to understand its own tradition, nor the terms or words quoted in our heritage language. Let us save Tanii culture, let us teach and learn Tanii language.

It is, indeed, a sad thing to lose a language. I wish the best to this project and hope that it succeeds in bringing some attention to the language and culture of the Apatani people. Logo

Just got an email from a guy over at who brought my attention to a site in development that will offer free videos for learning English and French (and presumably more eventually).

Currently, only the videos for learning the French language are available, with English coming soon.

The French videos I have checked out are organized by Parisian Arrondissement , which is pretty cool.

I would suggest checking them out and subscribing to their video lessons feeds for both languages so you can know right away when new content is added to the site: Learn English Video Lesson Feed Learn French Video Lesson Feed

The site still needs some development as the Contact and About pages are currently not up, but this is a true "first look" at the site in progress. If they keep up the quality and pace of content publishing, they'll certainly end up being an excellend multi-media language-learning resource.

Check out

From Website

About FooSchool

FooSchool was launched in November 2007 with the aim of providing multi-media language lessons in a range of subjects -- for free!

We launched with a very basic design and 40 high-quality French video lessons, each of three minutes duration.

We intend to improve the design and add to the number of lessons in the near future.
FooSchool is Free?! What's the Catch?

There's no catch. FooSchool is free for three reasons:

1. We passionately believe in free education for everyone. We believe that the right to learn is a fundamental human right -- regardless of age, gender or location on the planet.

For an adult living in a developed country, learning a language may help keep the brain healthy. For someone in a developing country, it may help avoid poverty.

2. With the IT/internet revolution, the technology costs of creating and distributing multimedia lessons are no longer exorbitant. Thus, we don't have technology costs to pass on to you.

3. Our main costs are in devising and producing the lessons, as well as maintaining the website. So, while the lessons on this website will always be free, we intend to eventually make a profit through ancillary revenues (e.g. advertising).

I wanted to add four resources to the list of websites to post about here on that main part of the site:

Here are a few resources I have come across lately in my web meanderings that I believe would be valuable additions to the site:

Schweiz Magazin
Voices in Español Podcast
The Japlish Podcast
Yemen Links Arabic Resources

Obviously the last two can be expanded to include all the languages offered on this site. They are just predefined searches that can help folks find what they are looking for faster, something we are working to make possible.

I've just integrated the code for Snap Shots into the site! Snap Shots allows users to preview websites before visiting them, making it easier to see if they are what you are looking for.

Hover over the following link to see a Snap Shot of the Snap Shot website: Hover over this link to see a Snap Shot of the Snap Shot website.

Chinesetime Logo

I just got an email with a link to, a website for learning Mandarin Chinese online through lessons and study with a professional teacher via Skype.

It seems to be legit, though I have not done any lessons or worked with any of the professional teachers.

Check out Chinesetime.

I just came across an amazing list of resources for learning the Arabic language online. There are literally _loads_ of resources there, so check it out!

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