UPDATED on February 8, 2017

It seems that this torrent is no longer available anywhere I can find.

I have removed all dead links and left this blog post here for archive purposes.

UPDATED on June 23, 2008

People have emailed me to say that the torrent is down. However, the nature of torrents is that they don't go down easy once they're out there!

At the link below you will find (currently at least) download for all levels of ChinesePod. It's not the 3.1 gigger, there are several options, but it seems to be all there. And legal.


I came across the Praxis language post about a torrent for 500 free Mandarin Chinese lessons while reading an interesting article on Way of the Geek about using Linux as a language tool. Random how these things occur.

At any rate, this is a hefty 3.1 GB download, so it'll take a while to get all the lessons downloaded. But once you have them in your possession, there is nothing that can stop you from finally learning (or improving your) Mandarin Chinese! (Except perhaps work, studies, significant others, movies, magazines, pets, in-laws...)

At any rate, this is a great download and all you need to know about "torrents" and BitTorrent you can find out in the links below:

Wikipedia Article on BitTorrent
Comparison Chart of BitTorrent Clients
The Official BitTorrent Website

Just make sure you have the free disk space before you start commanding those 0s and 1s. Best of luck!

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