Video: The advantages of having a multilingual brain

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A multilingual welcome from the Las Vegas airport
Video: The benefits of having a multilingual brain

Recent brain research sheds light on polyglot brains

This is an interesting and motivating educational video about the benefits of having a multilingual brain.

In this video, Mia Nacamulli takes us through some of the many reasons that being bilingual (and multilingual) "keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged".

This was published for free on TED Ed which makes it easy for teachers to build a lesson plan based on the content of this video.

Some of the remarkable advantages

I don't want to spoil the goodies, but here are a couple of advantages pointed out in the video:

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Sex, drugs + vocabulary: how your brain rewards learning new words

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Is learning new words as good as sex + drugs?
Sex, drugs + vocabulary

Your brain rewards learning new words in a unique way

Researchers in Germany and Spain performed a study in 2014 which revealed that your brain may have a unique method of rewarding you when you learn new vocabulary words.

The reward for learning new words is stimulation of the same area of the brain as sex

The 36 participants in the study were exposed to language learning activities which caused stimulation of the ventral striatum, a part of the human brain processes motivation and reward.

The ventral striatum area of the human brain is also related to gambling, drug highs and delicious food

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Two massive language-learning lists every polyglot can use

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Are you on the list?
Two massive language-learning lists every polyglot can use

Learning a language? Love languages?

These two lists are for language lovers + learners, prepare to be overwhelmed with tons of educational language resources as well as TV shows available on Netflix in many languages.

Huge List of Language Learning Resources

Chinese Musings has created a list of 140+ tools for learning a language.

Many of these have been reviewed here at Free Language, there are some that have not yet been checked out and written about, but you can guarantee they will be soon!

Huge List of Foreign Language TV Shows with Audio on Netflix

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Animation: The English Language Worldwide in 30 Accents

Animation: The English Language in 30 Accents

Humorous Animated Video of Different English Accents

A clever young British bloke that goes by the YouTube handle "Truseneye92" has produced a cool video that includes 30 different English accents from around the world. He single-handedly speaks them all himself, quite a talented character.

He got his friend to animate the video and the result is funny to listen to and watch and even insightful from a dialectical perspective.

This is a delight for linguists, English-language enthusiasts and anyone interested in regional accents and local language flavo(u)r.

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Human vs Machine Translation Infographic: And the Winner is...

VerbalInk Translation Services

How does a human translator compare against modern machine translators?

See the infographic below this article.

How far can we go to replacing human translators with artificial ones?

The Study

As translators ourselves, here at VerbalInk we were extremely interested in Google’s latest translation efforts. Would the machine live up to the human version? Google’s new software app promised visual and audio translation that could be used in conjunction with video conferencing services, similar to the very popular Skype.

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How to Make a Friend in Every Country

How to Make a Friend in Every Country

Use the HelloTalk app for free language exchanges!

Mark Samson, an Ohio musician, has made it his quest to make a friend in every country of the world using the free HelloTalk language exchange app.

His website, linked to above, has the ongoing list of friends and each person from each country gives an introduction and recommendations about visiting the place they are from.

Using HelloTalk, which is on track to have over a million users this month (March 2015), Mark is able to reach out and meet people all over the world right from his home in Ohio!

Do you want to make a friend in every country?

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Language Translation Course Online (Extensive & Free!)

Language Translation Course Online (Extensive & Free!)

Want to be a translator but not sure what it really takes?

Well, lucky for you there is an amazing language translation course online for free from the good folks at LOGOS.

This course covers much more than the basics, getting into the nitty gritty of translation as a profession including standards, process, perception, theory, models, production, adaptation, translation loss, tools and more.

Some of the more fine details include compensation and explicitation, metatextual rendering, wordplay, imitation, phraseologisms, dubbing, subtitling, translating for theater and much more.

I simply cannot say enough about how detailed and in-depth this free language translation course truly is, you have to look for yourself!

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List of Language Self-Study Programs

List of Language Self-Study Programs

How can I learn a new language with self-study?

Thanks to the good old Internet, self-study for learning a language has become very accessible. So accessible, in fact, that now it is a task to choose which one to go with!

Indeed, there is a wide variety of choices for online and offline language learning self-study. Perhaps you have searched around a bit and been overwhelmed with information overload in the search for a program that fits your needs.

Well, you no longer have to bring it all together yourself as there happens to be an ongoing list of language self-study programs.

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Free Michel Thomas Method App for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Michel Thomas Method App for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Michel Thomas App: Download for iOS

The Michel Thomas Method App is free to download, then offers in-app upgrades.

This app opens up the world of Michel Thomas Method to iOS users on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Who is Michel Thomas and what is his method?

Michel Thomas was a polyglot language teacher who developed a method by which the instructor takes full responsibility for the student's learning process. This is intended to relax the students and ease the learning process.

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Download Michel Thomas Language Course Booklet PDFs for Free

Download Michel Thomas Language Course Booklet PDFs for Free

Get a Feel for Michel Thomas's Method with these Free Course Booklets has made it possible to download for free the PDF booklets of the official language courses online.

Why might I want these useful booklets?

These booklets are useful for insight into Michel Thomas's language learning method.

They can also be studied right away to learn written language.

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Teaching English Abroad Benefits the Teacher Too!

Teaching English Abroad Benefits the Teacher Too!

Benefits of Being an English Teacher Abroad

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3 Reasons Why Tutoring is a Great Way to Learn a New Language

3 Reasons Why Tutoring is a Great Way to Learn a New Language

Learning Languages with Tutors

When it comes to learning a language, dedication and regular practice are two of the most necessary parts of the process. But even with a great classroom learning environment, just about every student benefits from individual instruction from a qualified tutor. If you've thought about learning a new language, you can make 2014 the year you turn that dream into a reality by signing up for tutoring. What makes me so sure? I'm a firm believer that one-on-one instruction helps language students of all ages, whether it's tutoring for middle school students or private lessons for busy, working adults. Here are 3 reasons why you should take the leap and give tutoring a try in 2014 if you want to master a new language:

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The World's First Language Exchange Social Networking App Gets an Update!

The World's First Language Exchange Social Networking App Gets an Update!

HelloTalk Free Social Language Exchange App Evolves new Features

A few months ago, I wrote about HelloTalk, a (then) up-and-coming app for learning languages via social exchange.

The freshly updated free HelloTalk language exchange app now has millions of users, and features have been added to improve the language exchange and education flow offered.

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5 Online Tools for Keeping up with Your 2014 Language Learning Resolutions

5 Online Tools for Keeping up with Your 2014 Language Learning Resolutions

A guest article by Katie Collom of

Ideas for Learning a New Language this Year

I’m a bit of a language junky which means that I love taking classes to learn the basics of a variety of foreign languages. But since leaving my college days behind and starting to work full-time (cheers to grown-up life!), I’ve realized that having the free time to attend language classes is a nostalgic thing of the past. I’m sure you – whether you’re trying to learn a foreign language as a hobby, for a job, or because you are moving abroad – understand what I mean when I say that it’s difficult to take language lessons as often as you’d like. Perhaps you can’t find classes which fit into your schedule, they’re located too far away, or you simply can’t go to enough lessons in a week to feel that you’re truly getting as much learning in as possible.

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Unconventional Techniques to Learn French

Unconventional French Learning

Go Beyond Convention

A guest article by Jessica of

Most people learn French in classrooms and in online forum with fellow students and with tutors doing the teaching. This option is advantageous in that you get one-on-one interaction with your tutor and you will get your pronunciation right. You also get to practice with fellow students (which helps build your confidence). There are, however, several unconventional techniques that will help you learn French well and fast. The techniques are particularly effective for adults. Children can pick up a language a lot more intuitively (adults tend to learn languages by comparing them to their native languages and they have a tendency to want to know why something is said the way it is).

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