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How to Learn Languages

In addition to our research database, we have begun creating a Free and Open resource on How to Learn Languages.

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I've scoured the Web since 2006 to collect the very best for learning languages and put them all together in one place: Free Language.

Know where to start + continue learning

Since the perhaps mythical "Fall of the Tower of Babel", one language was broken into myriad fragments and humans have struggled to communicate ever since.

We learn languages foreign to us in order to cross cultural and linguistic borders for multifarious reasons and with diverse motivations. Free Language's aim is to make this easier for everyone to do in this modern era.

One of the first hurdles people have to jump over after deciding to learn a new language is knowing where to start. Free Language has become a popular place to discover the many resources at your disposition when starting fresh or picking up where you left off.

Language Learning Tutorial Videos

Watch the free tutorial videos we've made to help guide you on your quest to learn a language.

Best of luck in your language learning endeavors!