Uxmal: Wonders of the Ancient World

I traveled to Uxmal, one of the Mayan sacred sites known for its wonders from the ancient world. Uxmal is located in the Yucatan region in Mexico. The name Uxmal ( pronounced: "osh mal" )means that which was built three times or place of abundant harvest.

The archaeological zone is surrounded by an ancient landscape of hills that creates a beautiful framework for a series of settlements. The quality of these sites is complimented by the geometric proportions of the buildings and their facades with ornate decorations,carved in a limestone filigree style. The intricate stonework is truly incredible.

The Mayan's channeled their social energy into their works of art by creating this fabulous site of Uxmal. The architecture in this region is distinct from other sites in the Yucatan and is known as the Puuc style.



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