Testing a BETA Spanish Product eBay Deal Finder

I just launched a very BETA version of what I am calling a "deal finder" for users interested in finding deals on commercial products for learning Spanish:

Spanish Auctions with Deals, Discounts and Specials

The deal finder uses the Build a Niche Store technology, a popular Web software that helps create eBay niche stores.

Hopefully this will be a way for folks to quickly and easily find deals on audiobooks, software, gadgets and electronics, textbooks and more for learning Spanish.

Depending on how the BETA goes, I might launch stores for some of the other more popular languages that Free Language users are interested in, such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Have a look if this interests you! Currently, the deal finder is available for the US eBay Market, but I'll also set them up for other markets in due time if this goes well.


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