Lingro Webmaster Tools

I wanted to quickly bring some special attention again to the folks at Lingro. Not only do they have a cool name and loads of sweet resources for language learners and teachers alike (View Free Language Article on Lingro), they also have some amazing and powerful tools for webmasters to quickly and easily integrate on-the-spot translations and tooltips, badges to translate an entire site and collaborative tools to help build the Lingro database right through your website! Have a look at a sample language learning site to see how this can work in action.

All of this merits much more than a quick blog entry, and I am hoping to interview the folks at Lingro soon as part of the first Free Language podcast. Look for this soon... for now, please have a look at Lingro and, if you like, help them build a truly Free and Open Multilingual Dictionary.

From Website

Lingro is continuously developing tools to help webmasters and language sites access our dictionary database. Click on examples below to see how to easily add the same functionality to your pages, or visit our sample language learning site which demonstrates some of the ways Lingro translations can help your users interact with your website.

View the webmaster tools on Lingro.

Submitted by cman on Sat, 05/31/2008 - 22:47