Learn Polish

Update on February 10, 2015: This resource is no longer available. Please head over to our Learn Polish page for loads of current resources.

From the site:

In the first part there is some information about Poland,geographical and statistical data etc., a few words about Polish people and where the language is spoken. Origin and relations with other languages are also explained there. If you are not interested you can skip this page.The second part contains some basic grammar of Polish including alphabet and pronunciation.The lessons consist of grammar and vocabulary presented in such a way that you will memorize it while reading the lessons (I hope). Each lesson contains:

* short passages or dialogues presenting new grammatical facts
* a dialogue or a few lines of text where you will find new vocabulary
* a list of new words
* grammatical notes
* exercises (with answers)

I encourage you to go over the lesson and try to understand grammar facts from the context before they are given in Grammar Sections. This will speed up your memorization processes. You can read texts several times until you are sure you pronounce all the words correctly.

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