Free Michel Thomas Method App for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Michel Thomas App: Download for iOS

The Michel Thomas Method App is free to download, then offers in-app upgrades.

This app opens up the world of Michel Thomas Method to iOS users on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Who is Michel Thomas and what is his method?

Michel Thomas was a polyglot language teacher who developed a method by which the instructor takes full responsibility for the student's learning process. This is intended to relax the students and ease the learning process.

Personal experience has shown me the amazing phrase-building value achieved using the Michel Thomas Method. You learn to hack together complex phrases quite quickly and effectively.

Course Material Geared toward Handling Daily Situations

The course material itself is tuned so that the kinds of situations you expect to encounter in daily life are covered and readily available in your repertoire.

Available Languages

Currently available for French, German, Italian and Spanish.

About Michel Thomas

Michel Thomas (1914–2005) had a fascinating life. Born in Poland, he spent his early years in Germany and then in France, where he studied psychology at the Sorbonne in Paris. When war broke out, he fought with the French Resistance and suffered imprisonment in POW camps. At the end of the war he joined the US liberation army and later settled in the US where he established his world-famous language school.

For more than 50 years he taught languages with his revolutionary learning method to the rich and famous and became the world’s most sought-after language teacher.

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