Learn 11 Languages for only 35 Cents per Day!

Learn 11 Languages for only 35 Cents per Day!

Special Offer for Free Language Readers: Good Until November 12th, 2012

As regular readers of Free Language are well aware, we are quite taken by Babbel's online and mobile language learning system.

It is among the few that we actually recommend people spend money on.

Well, now until November 12th, 2012, Free Language readers can get full access to all 11 languages (see list below) that Babbel offers for $145 a year!

Dine in French, dance in Spanish, cook in Italian, surf in Portuguese... you can access these and seven more languages for about 35 US cents a day! That's about a tenth of the price of a latte, and stays with you much longer.

Complete Freedom: Babbel Complete

Complete choice of all 11 languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian and English.

Full access to all features and courses: Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing, Travel, Lifestyle, Romance, Cuisine... Everything.

Annual subscription for unlimited access.

Take advantage of this special offer now before November 12th, 2012!


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