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Welcome to the Language Learning Advisor. If you've decided to take up learning a new language then you've come to the right place. Whether you've had experience with learning languages before or you are new to it, this site has some suggestions, insights and information that can make your language learning experience more effective, fulfilling, and fun.

What was the spark that ignited your desire to learn a new language? A life-long dream? An upcoming business trip or vacation? Self-improvement? A new addition to the family or even retirement abroad? There are many reasons to learn a new language, but how are you going to learn? Which method? What kind of method? Books? Tapes? Software? Are there internet sites? How much will it cost, and how much time will it take?

These are the questions that arise when we embark on this new journey for ourselves. But rest assured. This site is here to help you make those decisions, so you don't waste your time or money on a method that isn't suitable for you. And when you've made your choice, you can come back to use the many learning tips, links and resources we have to further your adventures with your new language.

The guide below is mostly for beginning language learners, but even more experienced learners can pick up ideas that they haven't thought of. Look over these simple steps, follow the links to the recommended pages, or just browse the site and look over anything that interests you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. I love to get feedback from my visitors, hear their stories of successes with languages or any suggestions you may have to improve this site.

1 First, go to the How to Learn Languages page where you will find lots of tips and advice for making a lesson plan for yourself. The method you choose should have a plan figured out already, but if you use some of these suggestions you will be able to tailor that plan for yourself and improve the effectiveness of your study by integrating some supplemental materials into your lesson plan. The synergy created will accelerate and optimize your language learning.

2 Next, go on to the Learning Methods Page. Read through the different kinds of language learning methods and their advantages and disadvantages to get a good idea of what kind of method might be best for you. The method you choose is going to be the core of your foreign language study, so make sure you are getting one that suits your needs.

3 Then, go to the Learning Tips page where you will find plenty of ideas to inspire some creative learning. The language method you choose is just the beginning. Here you will find different kinds of supplemental materials to expand on and actually use what you are learning.

4 Armed with a better idea of what kind of method you are looking for and how to complement that method with an arsenal of supplemental materials and a study plan, go on to the language page of your target language. There you will find some of the best methods available in a few price ranges.

5 Now its time to get down to it. Get your method, get some additional materials, set your goals and make your lesson plan and then - just do it. Don't forget to keep coming back to use the resources pages for all the additional opportunities to expand your knowledge of your new language and increase your opportunities to use it!


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