Just got an email link to a conversational language learning resource center and community and wanted to share it here.

From the site:

Phrasebase Language Learning Resources

Your Conversational Language Learning Resource Center and Community

Online Phrasebook - Internet's largest database of common, useful, everyday words and phrases translated into over 90 foreign languages.

Language Exchange Partners - Community of language enthusiasts around the world interested in sharing their language and culture.

Live Webcam Classrooms - Meet language exchange partners and language tutors in this live webcam based audio video classroom.

Country Information - Detailed facts, statistics and information about the political and geographical makeup of every country in the world.

Language Information - Detailed facts, statistics and information about every human spoken foreign language in the world.


This is a nice resource for basic survival phrases for many languages.


Submitted by opal myth on Tue, 07/03/2007 - 17:44