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Just received an email with a link to a nice online Dutch course for beginners and advanced learners.

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Dutch Language Course for Beginners

Is Dutch new to you? This is a beginner’s course for English speakers. The course includes:

  • sound files for every letter in the Dutch alphabet
  • many examples explanation of grammatical terms that are used a chapter about every word type (parts of speech)
  • information on how to make Dutch sentences chapters about questions, negations, and syllables

Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, Northern Belgium and Surinam.

Advanced Dutch Course

In this advanced course, all subjects of the beginner’s course are included. Therefore beginners can start here too, and it is possible to use this course as a reference. Additional subjects are for example:

  • diminutives
  • future tense, conditional mood, passive voice
  • reflexive and reciprocal pronouns
  • detailed description of compound sentences

If Dutch is new to you, you can start here as well. But you will come upon many subjects that are not at beginner’s level.

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Submitted by opal myth on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 14:31