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I was just sent a link to a free guide for learning spanish online for free.

From the site:

In researching for my recent post Free Spanish Lesson Podcasts I sorted through a wide variety of Spanish Education websites. It was actually a pretty daunting task, because there is SO MUCH information on the web about learning Spanish! Like any other topic on the internet, some of the information is great, a lot of it is pretty bad, and many sites are just trying to sell you something, which makes picking out quality Spanish resources an intimidating task.

In my infinite wisdom I have decided to take on this great challenge of finding the best free Spanish learning websites on the net, and even take it one step further by compiling them into one easy-to-follow, Online Spanish Education Program.

The program I have put together is divided into 13 key lessons, and is targeted at the beginner-level Spanish student. Each lesson includes links to written information about a particular grammar topic, indirectly related podcast(s) for listening comprehension, and written exercises for further practice.

The overall goal here is to use available online resources in an organized manner, to develop a solid base of Spanish language. Unfortunately, you won't be speaking fluent Spanish by the end, but you should be in a position to continue your Spanish studies at an intermediate level.

Definitely have a look at this resource.


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