Free Language then the Free Language Foundation

The plan is to use this website as a springboard for creating the "Free Language Foundation".

Basically, enough money will be made with the site through affiliate links to keep the people maintaing the site fed and happy, and the rest will be put into a fund to begin a foundation for language learning. This foundation will eventually become wealthy enough to open a physical school and offer scholarships to students from around the world. The potential students will propose an application explaining what the intention is behind wanting to study languages.

The intetions can be social, enviornmental, political, financial...

A school where the students can come specifically to learn loads and loads of languages! To become polyglots. With a purpose, a motivation.

The technologies, methods and materials developed will remain in the public domain.

Free Language will use existing commercial learning products to create the interface for a worldwide collabrative language-learning web community that will be available to any and all for free. Podcasts, videocasts, chat rooms, interactive learning materials, collaborative content...

New technologies will emerge. Imagine being in a video chat interface with a Japanese speaker that has a special set of educational tools specifically designed for English speakers learning Japanese. Now switch over to a German speaker and your tools instantly change to be appropriate for English speakers learning German.

That is just a small taste. The future holds many amazing possibilities that nobody is "blogging about" these days.

As mentioned before, revenue sharing is going to key in this process. Right from the launch of user accounts, which can be requested here, Free Language will be sharing revenue with its users.