Revisiting the Free Language Syndicated Web Feeds

Since Version 2 of the site launched on February 1, 2007, many syndicated web feeds have been added to the site. These include blog, podcast and news feeds from around the world and in multiple languages.

These feeds can be used by the learner or educator as a wide variety of learning tools.

Audio and textual news feeds can keep intermediate to advanced users fluent with the target language, introduce new vocabulary and bridge into many cultural, political and international affairs.

Video and audio podcasts can initiate the learning process for total newbies or give beginner, intermediate and advanced learners material to work with.

Blog feeds can provide insight into the process of learning a language or offer experiences learners have when acquiring a foreign language.

Below is a list of the web feeds that we syndicate at Free Language. We encourage you to use them in new and creative ways to facilitate your learning process.


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