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Just got some news from the folks at Busuu. They have been working hard over in Spain to add some sweet new features to their free social language learning platform built on Drupal.

Check out a screenshot of a bustling language garden:

Busuu Language Garden Bustling

To see more examples example of the kinds of cool things you can get in your language garden when you accumulate points on the site, check out this user profile. (You can get a free account to access the link.)

Here's the latest:

"The animated Language Garden" is a highly innovative tool which has the following characteristics:

- The new animated Language Garden is a Tamagotchi-like tool. As you might remember, each of the languages you learn at busuu.com is represented by a tree. Now, the more you learn, the bigger your tree grows. If you become lazy with your learning effort, your tree will shrink.

- Peer-to-peer comparison: busuu.com is the first language learning community where users are compared directly to the rest of the community! The size of the community tree is related to the average learning effort of the busuu.com community.

- Your language learning efforts will be rewarded. Active users get animated gifts (dogs, UFOs etc..) to decorate their Language Gardens.

Hope you like this new feature - we have additionally made A LOT of improvements to the site.

Submitted by cman on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 07:51