Video: The advantages of having a multilingual brain

Recent brain research sheds light on polyglot brains

This is an interesting and motivating educational video about the benefits of having a multilingual brain.

In this video, Mia Nacamulli takes us through some of the many reasons that being bilingual (and multilingual) "keeps your brain healthy, complex and actively engaged".

This was published for free on TED Ed which makes it easy for teachers to build a lesson plan based on the content of this video.

Some of the remarkable advantages

I don't want to spoil the goodies, but here are a couple of advantages pointed out in the video:

  • "more activity in certain regions of the brain when using higher density of the gray matter than contains most of your brain's neurons and synapses"
  • "more activity in certain (brain) regions when engaging a second language"
  • "help delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia"

"The benefits of a bilingual brain" by Mia Nacamulli

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