Browsing Tips

Tips for Effective Web Browsing

This page pertains specifically to the art of web browsing in general, and the techniques provided here will carry through to all of your web browsing ventures.

Here are some tips for effectively browsing this website, and any other...

Get Upgraded, Browse Happy

If you are using Internet Explorer, visit Browse Happy. The friendly folks over there will guide you along in choosing a more dynamic, safe and friendly browser for all your surfing needs. (Or at least make sure Internet Explorer is up to date.)

Tabbed Browsing

Use tabs to skim and search your way through web content, locating information that you think might be useful. Instead of simply clicking straight through to any given resource or page, open them in new tabs and continue peeking around here and there.

Eventually, you will end up with a browser window loaded with tabs that hold many treasures in store for you.

Now freely move through the tabs you have chosen, deciding which resources and pages are of real interest to you, and hence will be the most helpful fro you specifically.

No Overload

If it gets to be too much, have a break. You don't want repetitive strain injuries (new tab!), to be sure. Give your eyes a rest. Have a breath and some water.

When you return to your tabs and bookmarks, delve a little deeper into the resources you have chosen. Complete a lesson or two, or read some nifty info about a language's history. Get into the info, evaluate the resources and choose the ones that are specifically going to help you and only you make the most effective progress.

Social Sharing

If you are into sharing on any of multifarious social websites, you will most certainly want to tell folks about! :)


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