This Podcast No Longer Exists

Podictionary no longer exists. This article has been left for archive purposes only.

About Podictionary

Podictionary is a well-produced podcast about English words. This is a great podcast for intermediate to advanced learners of the English language. You can use this podcast to learn new vocabulary words on-the-go.


Every day podictionary delivers a new short story about the history of a common word to thousands of subscribed listeners.

Not only is podictionary an audio word-a-day, but as the number of words grows in the podictionary archive the website is becoming an on-line audio etymology reference of sorts.

It's all for fun, so please enjoy.

Charles Hodgson writes & records podictionary and has also written a book. It is due out in August 2007.

Charles has a checkered history: engineering, whitewater canoeing, space hardware, skate-skiing, military electronics, environmentalism, dot-com management, writer and logophile.

It’s his long time love of words (that’s what logophile means) that led him to create podictionary.

Visit Podictionary.