Learn Afrikaans free by reading whatever you want

Learn Afrikaans free by reading whatever you want

The big idea: learn Afrikaans by reading texts that you choose

Ever wanted to create your own Afrikaans learning palette by reading about things that you are interested in, not just whatever textbooks and Afrikaans educational materials dish out?

Well, Readlang Afrikaans has what you need to do just that!

Readlang allows you to learn by reading any text you want in Afrikaans. You can also easily and quickly use any of the preselected texts that exist in the Readlang database.

It's up to you what kind of texts you use, choose anything from a Afrikaans web page to a short story to a novel, even Afrikaans poetry - you decide!

Readlang's many features

Readlang helps you learn Afrikaans using numerous learning modalities including a Web reader, an online eReader, a video player, a customizable dictionary, a vocab manager and a flashcard toolkit.

Readlang Afrikaans Web Reader

Use Readlang's Web Reader to browse the web in Afrikaans with instant single-click translations.

Either choose any Afrikaans web page you are interested in reading or discover new web pages through the Readlang database.

You can also import plain text versions of any website you browse - read and learn with them now or save them for study later.

Afrikaans online eReader

Using texts you import from anywhere or texts that alreaady exist in the Readlang database, you can use the online eReader to focus in on the essence of what you're reading rather than stressing about the linguistic details.

The eReader allows for instant inline translations, has a clean interface that helps avoid distractions and also allows you to follow transcriptions as you watch YouTube videos.

Afrikaans Video Player

You can enjoy learning Afrikaans with songs and conversations using Readlang's Afrikaans Video Player to practice listening with full transcriptions.

The video feature allows you to choose from an existing database of Afrikaans videos with transcriptions or upload your own and sync them with YouTube videos - share your creations, too!

This can provide an entertaining yet educational way to immerse yourself in Afrikaans language and culture.

Customizable Afrikaans dictionary

While using the Web Reader, eReader or Video Player, you can build a customized Afrikaans dictionary with Readlang.

By default the system sports the Word Reference dictionary. You can choose among other options or add a custom dictionary in just a few steps. This cool function allows you to switch around and find the best translations to save to your personal Afrikaans dictionary.

Afrikaans vocabulary manager

Manage your Afrikaans vocabulary by saving everything you've ever translated and then editing, starring or deleting your favorite words.

When you save words, the entire context in which the word was encountered is saved as well. This is awesome for learning the true breadth of meaning of a given word and how it is used in various situations.

You can even export your word and phrases to practice in Anki.

Practice Afrikaans flashcards

Using your customized dictionary and vocabulary manager you can create custom flashcards with real context. Readlang includes a spaced repetiton algorithm that adapts to your Afrikaans ability.

Your Afrikaans flashcards are prioritized by their usefulness and you can even opt-in to receive a personalized daily reminder email.

Available via Web on any mobile device

Readlang makes it quick and easy to use their interface on iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems.

Free or premium, it's simple and amazing

The free Readlang for Afrikaans might be all you ever need as it allows for unlimited flashcards and limitless word translations per day. It also allows for ten phrase translations.

You can upgrade to a premium plan for only $30/year to gain access to unlimited phrase translations and support the development of Readlang.

Available in over 50 languages

Not limited to Afrikaans alone, Readlang is available in over 50 languages!


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