A Transparent Armenian Language Course: Learn Anytime with Online, Mobile, Interactive, Social and Software Tools

Online Armenian Course

For many languages such as Armenian, it is challenging to find enough free quality materials online to compromise a complete course. Even if you can bring together the materials, you have to craft a course on your own to cover all the bases.

Enter Transparent Armenian, the fruits of a longstanding language education house focusing on the modern digital world of learning. It's not free but it's also not expensive, and is well worth the investment.

Interactive, Social, Cultural and Mobile Armenian Learning

The online Transparent Armenian course offers a one-stop learning flow which - as you advance and select your learning media - can be tuned to your unique interests and needs. Built on sound learning methodology honed from real-world experience, Transparent Armenian is available on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

The Transparent experience is elegant, interactive, social, culture-rich and available on-the-go, anytime you have a moment to invest in learning Armenian.

Armenian Software Tools for all Learning Levels

For the first-time Armenian learner, Transparent offers a path to follow: The Essentials Course accompanied by the Alphabet Explorer and Grammar Reference. From there, learners solidify this foundation with the unique Byki™ vocablary building and pronunciation training software (more below), which Transparent has been tuning and tweaking for something like a decade. As they progress, learners can explore and use more content using the Language Reference tool, all the while being consistently refreshed on what has already been studied.

In Summary

No, it is not free. Yes, it has what you need to learn Armenian and there are scant few products for the eager Armenian learner - you're in luck!