Video: Overview of the Basque Language (Euskara)

Basque language overview video

The lowdown on Basque

In this video, Paul gives a great overview of Basque including:

  • its history
  • where it is spoken (global distribution)
  • background on the writing system
  • what other languages have influenced it
  • what regional Basque varieties exist
  • very much more

Paul includes example samples of the Basque language to illustrate the main points of how the language works - super helpful for folks just getting started and interesting in general for language geeks like me.

Words from the videographer

This video is all about the mysteries of Euskara - the Basque language of the Basque people in Europe.

Basque speakers

There are approximately 537,860 speakers of Basque as a first language. Roughly 464,000 of those speakers live in País Vasco and/or Spain.

About LangFocus

I've been a big fan of the LangFocus YouTube channel for quite some time now.

I visit it regularly to deepen my knowledge about languages in general - the videos are both academic and entertaining, a great combo.

The LangFocus creator, Paul, hails from Canada and is a language lover and polyglot who creates a wide variety of videos about languages and language learning. His work is supported by his listeners via Patreon.

Paul @langfocus you rock

Keep up the goods :) I want to interview you for an upcoming podcast.