Innovative Cantonese Learning Kit

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Roof of a Cantonese ancestral shrine
Innovative Cantonese Learning Kit

Complete Learning System with Audio, Video + Mobile Apps

Beginner to advanced levels alike can enjoy the Innovative Cantonese kit.

Its broad resource material and modern learning tools give you an excellent online+mobile way to learn Cantonese.

Learn Cantonese quickly for travel + business

This fun method plus modern platform immerses you in the Cantonese language, just what you need to achieve your goals for travel, business, family and other needs.

Self-testing + progress reports

Access ongoing self-assessment and progress tracking tools.

Here, now + on-the-go

Enjoy a web and mobile based whole.

Customize your own Cantonese Learning Center anywhere.

Broadcast audio lessons

Download podcasts on your iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPod or any mp3 player and take them with you for practice and learning on the go.

Current memes + trends

A key aspect to learning a language is quality content. CantonesePod101 creates a steady flow of fresh content covering everything from cultural aspects of Cantonese to tidbits about navigating in Cantonese-speaking countries, plus practical information to help you get by.

Social environment

Study and share with other learners.

Cross-integration of method + material

Engage in a combination of apps, audio+video lessons and written material.

Big picture results

Quick checklists, episode transcripts and lesson PDFs let you appreciate the scope of your learning experience.

Vocabulary + verb training

Vocabulary training with flashcards and quizzes.

Cantonese dictionary and verb reference.

Full-on grammar bank for those interested in the nitty gritty grammar goodies.

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