Learn Cantonese in just 20 minutes a day with Glossika's unique method

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Learn Cantonese in just 20 minutes a day with Glossika's unique method

Cantonese learning in a category of its own

Glossika is, to put it simply, unlike anything else that exists for learning Cantonese.

How does Glossika Cantonese work?

Based on an astounding amount of linguistic knowledge and data, Glossika Cantonese helps you build muscle memory through exposure to the language's sound patterns.

By listening to and repeating the thousands of Cantonese phrases included in the course, you will quickly become accustomed to the sounds and common patterns of the language.

In short, you'll build the necessary muscle memory to recall Cantonese when you actually need to use it.

The result is a faster learning experience and much better retention of the Cantonese you learn.

Learn common Cantonese grammar patterns + remember them

Grammar patterns exist in Cantonese and - once you are familiar with the most common patterns presented in the Glossika courses - you'll quickly become comfortable communicating in Cantonese in a wide variety of situations.

Once these patterns are engrained in your memory, you will be able to replace verbs and nouns on the fly to create totally new sentences, allowing you to build on your existing base.

Not your everyday Cantonese spaced repetition

A lot of spaced repetition systems are focused on the concept of an increasing interval - that the more you know something, the less often you need to review it.

Glossika Cantonese does offer this style of traditional increasing interval spaced repetition. However, it takes it further by introducing decreasing intervals.

Decreasing intervals means covering Cantonese material you are familiar with more and more during a period so you are certain that it will sink deep into your memory.

Sleep your way to fluency in Cantonese?!

Chocked full of information after a long day (including the new Cantonese tidbits you've learned), your brain has to get rid of lots of excess junk in order to make sense of what it has absorbed during the day.

By separating your Glossika Cantonese practice sessions with sleep, you are actually building long-term potentiation (LTP) which turns into long-term memory. This learning and resting cycle ultimately leads to the acquisition of a long-term ability, that of speaking Cantonese.

Learn Cantonese in only twenty minutes a day?!

When you sit down to learn anything, studies have shown that there is a golden window in which you can stay focused and retain information which lasts about twenty minutes.

The Glossika Cantonese system allows you to organize your learning sessions to cater to any amount of time you have on a given day.

If you're interested in learning Cantonese steadily and have little extra time, you can do so in as little as twenty minutes per day by taking advantage of that golden learning window while it's wide open.

If you want to learn Cantonese as fast as possible and have time to do so, you can listen freely as much as you have time for.

How much does Glossika Cantonese cost?

Currently, the Glossika Cantonese course costs $99 USD for downloadble audio + ebook and $120 USD for downloadable audio + ebook along with a hard copy of the book.

Considering the enormous amount of audio you receive (100+ hours), this is an outstanding deal.

Compare this to what you'd pay for private lessons or subscription-based services with ongoing monthly fees - which could easily cost thousands of dollars by the time you achieve what you'll learn with Glossika - and it's quickly apparent that having all this quality native language material at your disposal anytime is one of the best arrows you can have in your Cantonese language learning quiver.

Podcast interview with Glossika's founder

I interviewed Michael Cambpell, CEO of Glossika, for the Free Language Podcast.

Have a listen here to get an inside view of Glossika from the founder himself!

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