Lots of information here for study and review of the Cantonese language. You can print out lots of lesson plans, as well as other materials. Also really cool are the flashcard on the site.

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This site contains over 200 pages of print friendly Chinese reference sheets, tests, revision aids and a unique Chinese dictionary. It is aimed to help you speak, read and write Hong Kong Chinese. As such, the pronunciation given is not Mandarin 'pinyin' or 'Putonghua', it is Cantonese 'LSHK' or 'jyutping'. Having said that, many of the sheets, flashcards and tests will also help you learn Mandarin, as Chinese writing is the same in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

This website's main purpose is to provide revision aids in order to learn Chinese. Many of the notes have been designed to be printed out for use away from the computer. These notes will complement a formal course in Cantonese, whether from books, tapes or tuition. It is also my hope that teachers will find some of the print-outs useful for lesson plans.


Cantonese Language Resources