Free app + website for learning basic Czech vocabulary

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Free app + website for learning basic Czech vocabulary
Free Czech App and Games

Free App and Dozens of Online Czech Games

Internet Polyglot offers fun and free games for learning basic Czech vocabulary online. They also offer free Czech apps for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

There are currently over forty lessons available in tutorial, guessing, typing, matching and mix formats. These Czech educational games are similar to learning with flashcards, with the added benefit of audio for pronunciation along with the fun of being able to mix and match the game experience.

For both mobile Czech apps and games, the lesson topics include Animals, Colors, Weather, Transportation, Sports, Hobbies, Art, Music, Entertainment, Shopping, Money, Education, Geography, Cities, Countries, Measurements, Directions, Human Characteristics, Numbers, Plants, Professions, Clothing, Ages, Work, Health, Medicine and more.

These games and apps are great resources for Czech teachers and learners alike.

Play the Czech Learning Games Online

Visit the Internet Polyglot Czech page to play, create and account and save your results and learn about their free Czech mobile apps. Internet Polyglot also sells audio download products.

Free Czech App and Games

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