Free Czech Verb Conjugation + Learning Conjugator

Free Czech Verb Conjugation + Learning Conjugator
Free Czech Verb Conjugation + Learning Conjugator

Conjugate Czech Verbs Online for Free

The Logos Czech Verb Conjugator is a handy and free website for conjugating a variety of Czech verbs for free online.

Also available is a Czech learning conjugator for students first learning Czech verbs.

Why do I need a Czech verb conjugator?

Any sentence you attempt to form in a new language is almost surely going to contain at least one verb. For languages such as Czech, learning to conjugate verbs is one of the most time-consuming and potentially tedious aspects of learning. There are irregular verbs along with standard verb patterns, and it can all get quite confusing fast.

With access to a free online Czech verb conjugator and verb learning conjugator, you can quickly reference correct conjugations and test yourself on the most basic Czech verbs.

Read my article about learning the most common verbs in your target language for a lot more in-depth information about verbs as related to language learning.

401 Czech Verbs - Learning and Reference Book

If you want to get in more depth with Czech verb conjugation, I highly recommend "401 Czech Verbs" (Amazon US/Amazon UK).

Hold hands with the verbs

This book, which breaks down Czech verbs and conjugation patterns as well as irregular verbs, is next-to-essential as a reference and go-to text for learning the language. I can personally attest to the great quality of this text as I use it all the time when studying Czech.


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