Blabbinit Learn English with Podcasts, Comics, Karaoke, Blogs, Videos and Chat


Blabbinit offers numerous useful resources for intermediate and above learners to practice and improve their English skills. Among these resources are podcasts, videos, karaoke, blogs and a chat room.

This website was brought to my attention by someone who contacted me through Free Language. Here is what she said about her experience using Blabbinit:

I would like to suggest a great resource. I found a helpful site online that really teaches English in a fun way. I enjoy listening to their podcasts because they are not boring. In fact it is the best that I have ever listened to. This site is called Blabbinit. They have videos to help with pronunciation and also even a Karaoke section to practice English through singing. There is a chatroom and a great community section where you can write anything in the forum and the members can make their own blogs. I look around a lot for good websites to help me practice and this is the best I have found yet.

In order to create the online karaoke experience, Blabbinit uses music videos from YouTube and then provides the lyrics for users to sing along.

The site also uses comic strips to explain certain concepts to English learners. View a sample comic.

As this article goes to press, Blabbinit is still in its infancy. It seems to have gone live right around the beginning of 2008. The site was created with Drupal, the same software that Free Language uses. :)

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