Quite a nice production! This is a really good concept: taking the latest news and making not only a podcast about it, but also creating thorough worksheets, practice materials and quizzes.

Bravo to Sean Banville for a job well done! Loads of work is obviously put into each lesson.

From Website

"Free ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans in Word and PDF. Graded news articles, listening, podcast, and communicative activities.

* The lessons are free.
* There are several new lessons each week at two different levels.
* All lessons are based on stories currently in the news - as the world's news breaks, teach it.
* All lessons are also downloadable in Word.doc and PDF formats.
* Listening files can be downloaded in mp3 format or subscribed to via a podcast.
* Classroom handouts are readily reproducible.
* There is a graded listening for each level.
* Teachers can easily copy and paste the parts of the lessons they want to use.

You are given permission to print out and duplicate these lessons to be used by your own students or for study purposes by students. The MP3 files may be downloaded and used for teaching purposes or for listening practice. Any other use requires written permission."



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