Business English Pod, as the name suggests, is a great podcast for learning English as it is used in the business world. It is professional and knowledgeable production.

Their website is clean and well-ordered and the podcasts are filled with quality content, and are released weekly.

This is a great solution for intermediate to advanced learners of the English language to gain more exposure to ways of using the English language in the career world.

The podcasts are free, and there is also premium content that users can subscribe to for lots more information, such as full transcripts of the podcasts and extra practice materials.

From Website

"Business English Pod delivers free weekly MP3 podcasts for intermediate and advanced business English learners. Each podcast is focused on a particular skill (meetings, presentations, telephoning etc.) and language function (clarifying, disagreeing, questioning etc.).

Our Business English Podcasts feature professionally recorded dialogs with detailed explanations of the target language and further examples of useful phrases. All podcasts are accompanied by a set of Study Notes, including a full transcript, extra vocabulary and review exercises, available to our Premium Members.

Business English Pod is brought to you by an expert team of language trainers with over 30 years hands-on Business English training experience with some of the worlds leading companies. Our team is able to draw on professional experience in aerospace, consulting, engineering, financial services, medical and telecommunications to make our podcasts relevant and applicable to the needs of our audience."

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