The Podcast is produced by two Canadian brothers, Andrew and Addison, living in Shanghai. The quality of the podcast audio and the lessons is great, and they provide transcripts with explanations of idiomatic expressions! Podcast topics range from fun stuff like dating and sports to business English. The brothers speak slowly and clearly so that students can understand even difficult material more easily.

I received this link from a teacher in China who says he uses these podcasts for his classes and the students love them! Once you've listened to a podcast, you can participate in discussion on the site through the forum. Keep up with the latest from by tuning into the blog.

Keep up the goods, brothers!

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This is a website for learning English in a fun and relaxed way. We are two Canadian brothers that are currently living in Shanghai. We hope you enjoy the show.

Have a look at our ESL podcasts. These are downloadable mp3 files that you can listen to on your mp3 player or computer to practice your English. This Podcast is for learning about slang and everyday conversation English for intermediate to advanced level English learners.


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