EnglishPod adds a fifth element to Praxis Language's line of foreign language learning podcasts, ChinesePod, FrenchPod, ItalianPod and SpanishPod.

The Praxis Language podcast line offers a content-driven, social-based and software-enhanced Web platform for learning foreign languages. Recently they have been working hard to release mobile language learning features for PDAs, smart phones, etc. EnglishPod reflects the latest in their endeavors to bring these features to the public.

Praxis Language's podcasts and community are open to users for free. Subscriptions to gain access to additional materials and instruction start at low monthly prices. Their products are based on combined Web-based and mobile learning. Community, fresh media content, talented course design team, array of web-based tools for practice and review. A unique combination of media and method, it's no wonder thousands are using EnglishPod every day.

Be sure to check out the free resources available to visitors. You can sign up for an account today to start making real progress immediately.


Learn English on your terms with convenient, mobile podcasts and connect to a global community of English learners.

Praxis Method

EnglishPod is the latest member of The Praxis Language family of language learning products. The Praxis approach is to give you the Content, Community and the System for learning.

With these 3 parts, you can learn to communicate in English how you want to!

EnglishPod Content

Every day, we give you a new podcast lesson. The content is always entertaining and useful, and our expert hosts explain new and difficult words and phrases.

With EnglishPod you only choose the lessons that are interesting and useful to you.

Plus, each podcast lesson is short and focused. You can learn whenever you have 10-12 minutes of free time to use your mp3, iPod, mobile phone or computer.

Learning English is easy and fun with EnglishPod!

EnglishPod Community

The EnglishPod team is there to help you learn English, 24/7. You can ask questions about any lesson podcast at We will always answer!

If you have any ideas for new lessons, you can always tell us. We love to hear from you.

We also have a fantastic online community of learners, who help each other and learn English together!

EnglishPod System

Our system is designed to help you learn English in the best way for you.

You can enjoy our brilliant podcast lessons on your mp3, iPod mobile phone of computer - any time and anywhere.

You can use our online learning tools, such as flashcards and an audio review. These help you understand and remember new words and phrases. also helps you manage your studies. You can save new words and organize your favourite lessons into groups. Simple, easy and effective!