Free Podcast and Lesson Materials to Learn and Teach American English Pronunciation

Learn American English Pronunciation with Audio and Text

Pronuncian has some great tools for learning and teaching American English pronunciation. In addition to a free pronunciation podcast, they offer free lesson materials on sounds, stress, linking and pitch as well as vowel and consonant lessons.

The free American English Pronunciation Podcast has nearly 200 episodes explaining and demonstrating some of the formal and informal pronunciation points of American English. Some of the most popular podcasts include "Linking vowels to sound more fluent", "Dropping the /k/ in "asked" (HIMYM)", "The difference between 'my car' and 'Mike are'" and "Heteronyms: 'Lead' rhymes with 'read'".

Pronuncian also offers a free American English accent self-assessment test.

All in all, this website is a great stopover for teachers and learners of all levels interested in improving their American English pronunciation.

In addition to the free materials, Pronuncian provides downloadable textbook products and an accent reduction service developed by the Seattle Learning Academy.