Grammarly: Check and Correct English Grammar and Spelling (plus Proofreading and Plagiarism)

"The World's Most Accurate Grammar Checker"

Grammarly is a great online tool with an amazing automated proofreader that checks for English grammar and spelling mistakes. It is also useful for verifying the originality of a document or text with its plagiarism checker.

Grammarly is very easy to use: simply paste in the text you want to have checked and it does the work from there. The system guides you clearly through all of the errors discovered during the review of your text and allows you to address and correct each one individually.

Used by hundreds of thousands of students and professionals worldwide, Grammarly is a quick and powerful tool for proofreading and correcting any English text or document.

Try Grammarly for free for one week to:

  • Proof essays or academic papers
  • Check emails, proposals and memos
  • Improve English language writing skills
  • Correct English (as a foreign language - ESL, TESL, TESOL, EFL, etc) texts
  • Review editorial copy
  • Edit cover letters and resumes (CVs)

From Grammarly

Grammar Checker

Grammarly's online grammar checker is the most accurate tool for grammar correction on the market... an outstanding tool for students, bloggers, writers, and professionals.

Spelling Checker

Grammarly's writing editor provides so much more than an average spelling checker. It helps you locate misspelled words and identify the correctly-spelled words that you have used incorrectly.

Plagiarism Checker

While most plagiarism checkers only identify borrowed text, Grammarly's online plagiarism checker goes a step farther by offering corrections for it.

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