This resource no longer exists and I have left this page, without links, for archive purposes. All current English resources can be found in the Learn English Magazine!


This podcast has loads of good content to work with. It is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced English learners looking for interesting listening materials accompanied by transcriptions of the spoken text.

From Website

The podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. There are three short (2 or 3 minutes) podcasts every week, in clearly spoken English. You can download them to your computer, or subscribe using a programme such as iTunes or Yahoo, or simply listen to them by clicking the Flash player on the web page beneath each episode. You can put the podcasts onto your iPod or MP3 player, and listen to them on your way to school or work. The full text of each podcast is on this site (and will also appear on your iPod screen), so you can look up the meanings of words that you do not understand in a dictionary. Then close your eyes and listen! Have fun!